37 Laines is an award winning film production house run by Natasha Mynhier and Jeff Hammerton.

Our mission is to research and synthesize the complex topics of our time in order to enable anyone, anywhere to understand the forces shaping our future and share optimistic ideas with their communities about how to bring the future they want to see to life.

We are a team of filmmakers, artists, scientists, and activists collaborating with major NGOs and thought leaders, to provide a hub of informative and entertaining content for the public on science and human rights. In both documentary and fictional films, we strive to tackle the major issues of our time, including things like Privacy in the Digital Age, Climate Change, Healthcare, Public Good Funding Models, and more. We do this because as our society continues to become more complex, we believe it will take a concerted effort to demystify these intersectional issues, and we hope to provide some clarity for our audiences.

For our documentary content, we believe in a 3-tier approach. 1) Research: multidisciplinary investigations into complex issues in science, technology, and human rights advocacy, considering fields like economics, history, among others. 2) Education Drafting: Prioritize quality education in our synthesis of the material and work with education experts to improve comprehension. 3) Entertainment Drafting: An artistic pass where screenwriters, animators and other filmmakers alike work to make the content as entertaining and cinematic as possible.

For our fictional content, we aim to comment on the issues of our time in content that is both creative and grounded - imagining worlds and situations that spark curiosity, delight us, or make us think, while utilizing relatable characters and themes that shed light on the emotional heart of the problems.

Our team has created content for brands like The North Face, Netflix, Marvel, ESPN, and Vogue, screened at festivals around the world, and  recently won a Gold award at the 2020 Young Director's Awards for our short fictional film, In a Beat.

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